Marijuana Effects On The Brain

Marijuana Effects On The Brain

Marijuana Effects On The Brain

Marijuana effects on the brain. There are many different studies and test. Some test have drawn conclusions, saying marijuana has a negative impact on the development of our brain. When used in your teen years. Other research and information shows the opposite. Live Science says marijuana does not have any negative effects on the brain. We will take a look at both views points. Currently no test or study can draw a definitive conclusion because there are to many variables. Factors we must consider are environmental factors, prior health or mental health issues and other drugs or substances present in the body. So until we can better control the variables the outcomes will always very. Current studies of marijuana affects on the brain.

Marijuana & Your Brain

Marijuana Effects On The Brain

The National Institutes on Drug Abuse, conducted a study to answer this question. How does marijuana effects the development of our brains. While studying different animals and humans exposed to marijuana. Researchers found that using marijuana during key developmental stages in life. Has the potential to cause long-term problems. Rats that were given THC at birth or during adolescence showed notable problems with learning and memory functions. Studies also showed a cognitive distortion in adult rats, with a structural and functional change in the hippocampus. Rats also developed an altered reward system, making them more likely to try other drugs.

There is a lot of conflicting information about marijuana. An imaging study of the brain structure of marijuana users. Has shown that regular marijuana use in young adults can causes altered connectivity and reduced mass of specific brain regions such as memory, learning and impulse control. Other studies have found no prof of structural damage to the brain in association to marijuana.

Long Term Marijuana Study

Long Term Marijuana Study

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There was a 25 year study on marijuana and brain development.  Researches at the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults took 4,000 people and monitored them through out the years. First before their exposure to anything, up into their first introduction to marijuana. The study showed that marijuana users were associated with low test scores on verbal memory. It also showed that marijuana use did not affect any other cognitive abilities like executive function and processing speed. Marijuana effects on the brain will very person to person.

New Zealand Marijuana Study & IQ

New Zealand is also trying to better understand the long-term effect of marijuana. Their research showed that weed side effects may actually lower your IQ. A large longitudinal study showed that marijuana use in adolescence, was associated with a loss of an average of 8 IQ points in adulthood. Teens who heavily smoked marijuana then stopped during adulthood never regained lost IQ points. The study also showed that adults who started using marijuana after adolescence showed no change in IQ. So in conclusion, the New Zealand study shows that marijuana use in adolescence may have a greater impact on your body because your body and  brain is still in its key developmental stages.

As of today we do not fully understand marijuana role in association to our bodies. So we can’t draw any final conclusion, with the limited amount of data and research currently available. Marijuana effects each individual user differently.

Remove marijuana from being a Schedule 1 drug

With marijuana being a schedule 1 drug, research is hard to conduct. A schedule 1 drug is any drug to have little to no medical benefits what so ever. So this scheduling makes it almost impossible, for scientist and researchers to properly study marijuana and its effects on the body. Until we have full marijuana legalization on a global level. We wont be able to fully come together and share information and data to help us better understand this plant.

At what age where you introduced to marijuana?

Marijuana affects on the brain

Quick Marijuana Facts

  • Only about 9% of marijuana users ever become clinically dependent
  • 42% of all the people in the USA have tried marijuana at least one time in their life.
  • Legalizing marijuana would generate $8.7 Billion in federal and states taxes annually.
  • Over 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana in the U.S. each year

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