Marijuana Goes Public On Wall Street

Marijuana Goes Public On Wall Street

Marijuana Goes Public On Wall Street

Terra Tech Corp. May become the first company that, grows and distributes marijuana, to be openly traded on the biggest platform in the world Wall Street. Owner Derek Peterson company based in California. Currently  averaging 900 sales a day. Terra Tech has been recently approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise about 14 million.

The Securities Exchange told Derek, our only job is to make sure the public is aware of any risk associated with investing in your company. When it comes to legalizing as a whole. Peterson says he is optimistic that one day marijuana would be regulated and traded just like alcohol.

. In America Marijuana sales are expected to reach 2.3 billion by the end of 2014.  So if marijuana becomes a publicly traded commodity. Then this would give investors the opportunity to make money in the growing marijuana industry.  Currently there are several other companies trying to go  public. So for he future of marijuana in America the sky is the limit.

Marijuana Goes Public On Wall StreetMarijuana Goes Public On Wall Street




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