Medical Uses For Marijuana

medical marijuana

Medical Uses For Marijuana

With new research and information, the Medical Uses For Marijuana is increasing. Medical Marijuana dispensaries are quickly becoming the new pharmaceutical company, for patients suffering from a variety of problems. New research shows that medical marijuana can increase bone density and strength.

Marijuana has many positive effects on your health and overall bodies. Scientist may have discovered another potential health benefit of marijuana. Researchers from the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research have found that chemicals in marijuana might just help build strong bones.

How To Increase Bone Density

Tel Aviv University injected CBD in one group of rats with mild bone fractures. They then injected another group with the same type of fractures with both CBD and THC. Researchers found that rats who received both CBD and THC, had healed better than rats who received just one or a saline mixture.

 The studied showed that the CBD & THC together has the potential to enhance bone regeneration and increase the bones strength.
 Maybe one day CBD & THC can be used to help patients recover from bone lost or damage. We once thought that drinking milk was the best way to increase our bone health. CBD and THC are about to throw that notion out the window.

Weed Does A Body Good
Marijuana Helps Build Strong Bones

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how to increase bone density

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