Marijuana History & Marijuana Facts

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Marijuana History

A Closer Look At Marijuana History

The birth of Marijuana. Marijuana History dates back to 2737 bc. Chinese emperor Shen Nung, offers cannabis as a treatment for various illnesses including gout, malaria, and this might sound crazy but even for absent-mindedness. They believed marijuana could help a person to become more creative and self-aware. 

Quick Marijuana Facts

6000 B.C.
China used cannabis seeds for cooking different meals

700-300 B.C.
Scythian tribes would give cannabis seeds as a gift to the gods

500-100 B.C
Cannabis goes abroad being introduced to northern Europe.

Arab traders brought the new plant to the Mozambique coast of Africa

Marijuana became a form of currency between Central and South Asia

American started to take a closer look at marijuana for its medical use

The use of cannabis is banned in Britain

Legal marijuana is plentiful in Greece

President Nixon urged use of cannabis be re-legalized but this didn’t happen.

FDA approved program for medical marijuana use

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