Top Marijuana Infused Pain Patches & Creams

Marijuana Infused Pain Patches & Creams

Marijuana Infused Pain Patches

Patients suffering from chronic pain may soon  able to throw out their addictive pain pills. A new line of Marijuana Infused Pain Patches and creams is changing how patients deal with chronic pain.

In a 2014 survey from the National Pain Foundation found that fibromyalgia patients who stop taking their prescription pills and started using CBD & THC pain patches reported that the pain patches were effective at reducing their pain levels.

Patients who also suffer from nerve damage from diabetes, also reported that marijuana infused patches helped to reduce their pain.

The two most commonly used methods are marijuana pain patches and creams.

Here Is a list of marijuana patches and creams to help you get rid of your prescription pills.

THC & CBD Pain Patches & Creams


Mary’s Medicinal offers a wide range of pain patches and creams. One of their most popular products Is an award winning patch. These patches offer a high concentrated dose of 10mg of both THC & CBD. The patches are  2 x 2 squares that can be used day or night.

marijuana pain patches

Mary Medicinal Patches

Marijuana Infused Creams


Mary’s Medicinal offers a marijuana infused cream with 100mg of active cannabinoids which helps to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle soreness.

Marijuana Topical Compound

Medical Marijuana Creams

CBD Tincture

3. A new marijuana infused tincture has 500 mg of THC per bottle and 2MG of CBD per bottle. This is one of the most concentrated and pure CBD & THC products on the market. Giving patients a fast and affective way to cut pain.

CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture


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