Marijuana Laws In South Africa

What Are The Marijuana Laws In South Africa

marijuana laws

South Africa is now taking a closer look at current marijuana laws. Legalizing could help with growing medical problems, a drowning economy and industrial reasons. So what will South Africa do?

The Medical Innovation Bill was submitted by Parliament Member Mario GR Orani-Ambrosini on Feb 19th 2014.  The bill address all three issues concerning Marijuana Laws. So what changed that made Orani-Ambrosini openly discuss his views on this subject. Could it have been a stage four cancer diagnose In his lungs. That he wanted to use marijuana to treat. South African government currently does not allow treatment even though thousands are dying from cancer.

South African government does not support medical  marijuana, because though it grows there naturally. Meaning it could not be patented therefore the government could not profit from sells. So millions of patients must suffer because government officials has of yet found a way to profit. Greed and power all around the world is responsible for the reason marijuana is truly illegal. So what’s a patient options.

You can risk treating your self with illegal Marijuana & face incarceration or wait for outdated laws and polices to be change. If you are suffering or even dying from a disease, And you know marijuana could save your life. I would say do what ever you have to do to either help change laws and procedures, Or if you choose to find THC and CBD oil on your own just be safe.

First steps to legalizing will be to establish a few hospitals that could study Marijuana medical properties. This bill would allow research hospitals to prescribe cannabis to their patients. Ambrosini Openly said he was receiving alternative treatment  for his cancer. He also said I will not speak on my treatment my death or survival will speak for me.

As a whole the world is starting to see the benefits of Marijuana. As the laws and polices around the world change lives will be saved. United We Smoke

Marijuana In South Africa

Marijuana In South Africa

Update Weed Is Legal In SA

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Marijuana In South Africa