Marijuana Legal In Washington D.C.

Marijuana Legal In Washington D.C.

Marijuana Legal In Washington D.C. As of 2/26/15

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. just implemented D.C. new law allowing residents to smoke marijuana.

During this process many republicans were against Bowser decision. Telling her she would be breaking federal law and risking retribution.

Mayor Bowser was quoted saying

Marijuana Legal In Washington D.C.

“We would encourage the Congress to not be so concerned with overturning what 7-in-10 voters said should be the law in the District of Columbia,”

Mayor Bowser worked jointly with D.C. police to implemented a plan that would be beneficial to all parties involved, allowing Washington residents to possess up to two ounces of pot.

The only stipulations are

– Must be 21 in order to posses marijuana

– Also you must be a resident of D.C.

– Buying and selling marijuana is still illegal

– You cant smoke in public places

– You can give away up to one ounce but you just cant sell it

Some Republicans are upset with Bowser decision

Congress Members Chaffetz and Meadows

“We strongly suggest you reconsider your position,”

Bowser was told that their would be consequence for not following there orders, saying House rules give Chaffetz’s broad investigative authority. So that if she made any mistakes they would find it and use it against her.

Bowser responded with they should worry about bigger problems-like funding the Department of Homeland Security, which is set to shut down at week’s end if Congress doesn’t act.

Members of Congress has threaten D.C. mayor with jail time if she went through with this law, but funny they have no power to prosecute her

Bowser was quoted again saying

“A lot of reasonable people have a different view of this issue,” she said. “I have a lot of things to do here in the District of Columbia, and me being in jail wouldn’t be a good thing.”

I think Mayor Bowser should be celebrated for enforcing what the people wanted. Many people do not approve of her decisions but many do. I think Bowser saw the problem as a whole. From all the money spent on marijuana arrest and incarceration. I can say being from the D.C. area if you smoke weed you probably have been arrested for marijuana possession. They saw residents as simply a means for their departments to get money.  I have been arrested for marijuana twice in the D.C. area. So I am excited about this decision. Send me to college not jail

This move does not just represent liberation for D.C. This represent change for the  whole world.  Marijuana is illegal all around the world, But people are protesting and standing up for legalization. This move will bring global awareness to legalization.The world is now looking at D.C. decision.

Thank You

Mayor Muriel Bowser

United We Smoke

Marijuana Legal In Washington D.C.