Marijuana Legalization Is Gaining Traction Due To Marijuana Activist

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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

With growing support all over the country for marijuana reforms. The tides are slowly starting to shifting towards marijuana legalization . Marijuana is gaining traction from all around the country, From politicians, news casters and celebrities. The word is getting out. People are tired of the current system in place. With 32 states allowing medical marijuana. The government will have to eventually address marijuana reform.

Marijuana Activist Want Access To Legal Marijuana

The laws are still changing, even as I type. Currently the new medical marijuana laws works by stopping all raids and arrest associated with marijuana dispensary and patients.  The government is letting individual states, decide if they choose to legalize or not, Be it for medical or recreational use, Government officials are choosing not to interfere. So what does that mean for the average person.

Marijuana Protest

If you really want marijuana legal in your state. You have to protest you have to get the word out. That your states residents are for legalization. I believe Colorado and Washington were both able to legalize so fast because their communities were actively engaged in protest. As for Washington D.C. even though polls showed their was a 70% support for marijuana reform. Congress still decided not to let it pass. Why Colorado and not D.C. There are a lot of speculations and opinions going around on this issue. I believe the next go around the communities must be more vocal. Once you mobilize in numbers they are forced to see your strength. Currently there is a bill in D.C. that prevents Washington from using federal money for legislation. This has made funding for marijuana reform harder for activist in D.C.

Update: Marijuana Legalization has happen In D.C. You Can Carry Up To Two Ounces Of Weed. Marijuana laws in D.C.

The Marijuana Movement

So for the future of pot in America, the sky is the limit. When ever people try to change laws and polices. They are always met with some resistance. The movement to end Marijuana prohibition has begun. I believe over the next five years the amount of money made and growing health benefits. Officials who are currently on the fence, will start to see the other side. United We Protest

United We Protest

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Continue to Protest!!!!

marijuana protest

Marijuana Legalization

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