Marijuana spiritual use

Marijuana Spiritual Use

marijuana spitual use

  The Scythian

Ancient Greek people also used marijuana for religious experience. Including using marijuana for sacred ceremonies.
They believed that marijuana put them into a trance like state opening them up
to the universe.

Chinese Religion
 Ancient china believed that consuming cannabis. Gave them the ability to speak with spirits and if combined with ginseng gives you the ability to see into the  future.

Cannabis has been used in Hinduism religion for centuries. They used these plants to  enhance there religious experience. Also they had a drink made of the cannabis. It was believed that drinking this drink would clean your soul of all sins. Stopping  your soul from going to hell.

Ancient Germanic Paganism
Germanic Paganism associated cannabis with Norse the love goddess, Freya. They thought that Freya lived in the cannabis plants, So that when they consumed cannabis they were  closer to her spirit.

Rastafarians believe that marijuana is the tree to life. They believe the bible
confirms this in the book of Genesis. Their belief is cannabis helps with all
forms of religious devotion. Rastafarians believe in peace love and happiness. Rasta’s
belief is that cannabis gets you closer to god.  


Marijuana spiritual use


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