Why Do You Smoke Mary Jane?

Do You Think Mary Jane Brings People Together?

Mary Jane

Did you know marijuana is the Mexican slang word for cannabis? Everybody around the world calls marijuana something different what’s do you call Mary Jane by?…..

Random Thoughts: United We Smoke
It doesn’t matter what you call cannabis; she smokes the same in every language. Marijuana is truly the universal drug. I have gotten high with people from all over the world. Some who couldn’t speak English. My neighbor had just moved in and he could not speak any English. We would smoke together all the time. After a while, I started to understand what he was saying. My point is weed Brings people together. That’s one reason why I smoke weed
 In The words of Bob Marley, “Mary Jane has the ability to heal a nation” united we smoke

 Why I Smoke Weed

Mary Jane

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