Doctor’s For Medical Marihuana

medical marihuana

Medical Marihuana

Medical Marihuana The American Academy of Pediatrics are asking the DEA to reschedule marijuana. Currently Doctors are not allowed to research and study medical marijuana. Even though many doctors are seeing the benefits associated with marijuana therapy.

The AAP is requesting the DEA to reschedule marijuana from a class 1 controlled substance to a class 2 scheduling. A schedule one drug is any drug that is considered to have no medical benefits whatsoever. Other schedule one drugs are LSD and heroin.

AAP are not in support of legalization for recreational purposes. They are aware of the potential abuse of marijuana use. AAP is strictly for the benefits to their patients.

The DEA is the main agency responsible for all drug scheduling. They take considerations from the FDA and  National Institute on Drug Abuse. The DEA has actually made request to the FDA for an evaluation of Medical Marihuana . Those evaluations came after a public petition asking for rescheduling. Even after two different evaluations the DEA decided to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. The FDA and DEA are both aware of marijuana potential healing powers, exactly whats stopping the process well that’s up for debate. Its going to become increasingly harder for the government to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, with so many patient being healed.  So to all the Medical Marihuana activist out there just keep peacefully protesting. Change is on its way United We Smoke.

medical marajuana

medical marjana

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