Washington D.C. legislators fighting for minorities to own Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Washington Dc legislators fighting for minorities to own Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

 Washington D.C legislators fighting for minorities to own Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Council of Advanced legislation of Washington DC are closing the gag on who can have access to opening their own Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They are giving minorities a chance by giving them the opportunity to be a  local minority-owned company and will give them the  priority to applying for a license to work medical marijuana businesses. Washington  DC legislators fighting for minorities to own Medical Marijuana Dispensaries would have a great impact on the economy.

The licensing board claim to not go on race and ethnicity of the applicants that apply. However we all know who has the medical marijuana business on lock. The fact of the matter is minorities deserve a fair chance like everyone else.


Cannabis is one of the leading causes of young and old black men to be incarcerated.
This lack of minority representation is especially problematic given that African-Americans were—and still are—disproportionately arrested and incarcerated during the War on Drugs, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
Studies show between  blacks and whites being arrested on marijuana charges are incomparable  because blacks are 3.73 times as likely to be arrested for possession.
However, the nation’s capital is the latest jurisdiction to join a growing nationwide effort to make sure that minorities are in a place to profit from legal weed sales after decades of being disproportionately prosecuted for using and selling it.

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“We at The Washington D.C. government has an obligation to make sure that minorities and local small businesses can get in on the ground floor and secure a piece of this foundation,” said council member Robert C. White Jr., who sponsored the recently passed legislation.

“We have locked up so many black people for marijuana, and I see it as incredibly hypocritical for those folks to return from prison on marijuana charges just to come back to a place that has now legalized and industrialized it, and they can’t play any role,” said White, according to the Washington Post. “Now, it could be a boon to these communities, but minorities have been left out

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to the Post, the emergency bill to give minority-owned businesses extra weight on their applications comes as the District is preparing to award a permit to open a dispensary in the overwhelmingly black neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River. For now it is.  Will this marijuana law work for the minorities?

A spokeswoman for D.C.’s Mayor Muriel E. Bowser says she’s still reviewing the legislation, but her administration is taking steps to carry out it.
Weed Laws
What goes on in Washington, D.C., apart from the all-out insanity in the White House?

D.C. now has eight weed cultivation centers and five dispensaries. Only one cultivator is black. The ethnic composition of Washington, D.C. is 49 percent black, 43.6% percent.

Why the dispensary ?

 Why the dispensary ?

According to a study released by the Urban Institute, although D.C. has undergone an economic boom over the past several years, the city’s poor and largely minority residents are missing out on a great opportunity and could make a difference in so many people lives.So that is why the dispensary is so important.

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