The ‘nuns’ who grow medical marijuana Ileaglally

A Group Of Nuns Operating An Illegal Medical Marijuana Operation

medical marijuana

The Sisters of the Valley are currently breaking state and federal law in California, selling illegal medical marijuana over the internet. The sisters expect Marijuana Legalization to be changed in March. This would have made it easier for them to continue. Instead, the laws were not changed, The nuns decided to keep on with business as usual.
California representatives say there not going to enforce the bans until a final decision has been made. The Sisters of the Valley are continuing to run their business on Etsy. They don’t sell marijuana; they sell CBD oil and THC oil a derivative of marijuana. The Sister are currently making 400,000 a year. With no taxes because all money made is illegal. Officials are aware of the operation but have decided not to act until they get the final word on new laws and regulations. So, for now, the nuns will continue work as usual.
“Everything we are doing is illegal,’ said Sister Kate, who lead the Sisters of the Vally. Those plants you just saw in my garage…they’re illegal. The salves the batch we’re about to show you is illegal. Yes, everything is illegal.”
The Sisters say they are not worried about current Marijuana Legalization and Regulation They believe that in the end what’s right will win. The Sisters are not Catholic but have taken vows related to marijuana and the Spiritual Benefits of marijuana.


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