How Medical Marijuana Could Help Stop Opioid & Heroin Overdoses

How Medical Marijuana Could Help Stop Opioid & Heroin Overdoses

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How can we reduce the number of overdoses in America? With so many people dying from overdose from drugs states are trying to better understand the cause and provide better ways of treatment. How Medical Marijuana Could Help Stop Opioid & Heroin Overdoses. In New Mexico a town called Rio Arrib has  some of the highest overdoses in the country. State officials are trying to tackle this problem.

In New Mexico for every 100,000 residents there are 78 overdoses. Residents are dying from drugs like heroin oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl. State officials have started a new program aimed to reduce these numbers. The harm reduction program offers users clean syringes, overdose training and the distribution of Naloxone. During a overdose your brain tell your body to stop breathing. Naloxone is used to tell your brain to breath. So this alone can save many lives.

Why cant they just stop getting high

Chances are the average person addicted to heroin or opioids cant just stop. Heroin is a physical and psychological dependency. Once you do try to stop without help you will become very sick. This is one reason that people find it hard to stop. Most users are not trying to get high, there just trying to not get sick. The GOP-sponsored bill, this bill aimed at modernizing the state’s strategies to combat multigenerational opioid abuse. “We’re hoping to make things easier on the patients enrolled in the program,” says state House Minority Leader Rep. Scott Gentry. “Medical cannabis has great potential as an opioid replacement drug and we want to move people away from being prescribed highly addictive opiates.”

How  would marijuana help with overdoses

Medical marijuana is currently legal in New Mexico. The goal is to allow people with opioid addiction to get treatment through medical marijuana. A 2015 study showed that out of 400 patients with opioid addiction, 25% of them were able to kick there habit with the use of marijuana. Patients say that marijuana calms down their cravings making it easier to stop. Another study in 2014 published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that states with medical marijuana laws, have a 25 percent lower annual opioid overdose rate. State officials want to eventually replace the use of methadone and suboxone with cannabis. Both methadone and suboxone helps with withdraw symptoms but there just as addictive as the drug you were on. Your trading one addiction for another.

Annual Death Rates From overdoses

The Centers of Disease Control report to make their point on the safety of marijuana, comparing the 33,000 Americans who died from prescription painkillers and heroin overdoses in 2015 to the number of people who died that year from using cannabis: zero.

Do you believe marijuana has the ability to help people with heroin and opioid addictions?

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