Medical Marijuana Illinois


Medical Marijuana Illinois

Medical Marijuana Illinois

In Illinois medical marijuana patient were disappointed when news came down that a medical marijuana licenses would not be given out. Jim Champion the governors medical cannabis advisory  was quoted saying “He just left the sick and the dying hanging”

All across that country there are people suffering from disease that could be helped with the use of cannabis. Cannabis can help with diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and even aids. For people seeking treatment in a none legal state. They only have two options continue letting there diseases  take away from the quality of there lives. Or they could try to visit one of these legal states and gain access to the medical marijuana.

This is where the problems come in. People are traveling to other states for treatment. The media would have you believe that the only people going to get marijuana is young people trying to get high. This is far from the truth they are mother, fathers and grandparents. Looking for help for a loved one or friend. These people are chancing it all by visiting these states with the intention to bring marijuana back to their families.  I am not saying there right but I do understand. If I knew cannabis would help a relative with an illness, I think I would have to take the risk. You can’t show reports of people being cured and helped by cannabis in legal states. Then expect residents of states which marijuana is illegal to just not use or try it for medical purposes.

Illinois is trying to properly regulated and monitor cannabis. So they are not trying to rush the process. Their planning on awarding 21 licenses to growing facilities and 60 retail outlets. The problems with theses licenses, Is people believe license will be silently auctioned off to the highest bidder. Residents are calling for more transparency in this process. There calling for a public auction. I think that’s a good idea. History has shown us when ever there is potential profit there is potential corruption. Illinois is also trying to get rid of criminal background checks in order to purchase cannabis. So for residents they will just have to be patient until the final decisions are made.

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Medical Marijuana Illinois Update

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