Medical Marijuana In MD Halted Due To Lack Of Diversity

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana In MD

Maryland residents may see a delay in medical marijuana. Due to a lack of diversity within the industries. Currently, there are 15 companies approved to grow and distribute marijuana for Maryland resident. Even though the African-American community makes up a significant portion of Maryland population. There were no licenses issued to Black-owned businesses.

An emergency motion has been filed asking a judge to stop the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission from giving out any more licenses. If the motion is granted, this will delay medical marijuana in MD.

Alternative Medicine In MD has asked Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Barry G. Williams to issue a temporary injunction to stop the final approval of licenses. The last step would have allowed the 15 approved companies to begin cultivation & distribution of medical marijuana.

The courts are asked to way in on the process of what companies were granted licenses. Activist wants the courts to determine if laws were followed during the selection process. The problem is that state officials did not consider race while issuing licenses.

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State officials acknowledged in a deposition that the board did not consider race when granting licenses. Currently, the Black Caucus is pushing for five more licenses to be awarded to minorities. This will help ensure that minority-owned companies have a fair shot at entering the industry. Future revenue is projected to be in the millions. If the minority community is not granted any license, this would mean a loss of millions for their communities.

Gov. Larry Hogan issued an executive order seeking a disparity study. The study will show if minorities companies face disadvantages in the medical marijuana industry. This study would be a precursor to being able to give preferences by race. Lawmakers are trying to figure out how to bring more diversity to the marijuana industry.

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Medical Marijuana In MD

Source: The Baltimore Sun

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