Medical Marijuana & Spiritual Benefits Of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana & Spiritual Benefits Of Marijuana

What’s Marijuana role in today’s society. Medical Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. People have been using this plant for everything from religious and spiritual devotion. To making clothing and ropes. With so many health and spiritual benefits, As well as helping stimulate our economy. Marijuana benefits are endless. Marijuana is branding herself as a universal answer. Here are a few benefits that Marijuana can offer our Society.

Medical Marijuana

The health benefits that marijuana offers has been documented all over the world. Marijuana treats everything from depression to cancer. How marijuana treats cancer is the combination of THC & CBD oil together turns any abnormal cells in the body back healthy. Marijuana also helps with terminal disease such as aids. Marijuana helps these patient live with virtually no pain and helps stop fatigue.

Medical Marijuana

Scientific Marijuana Study

Scientist at California Pacific Medical Center, have been studying CBD for 20 years.  Scientists Say that CBD has the ability to turn off DNA cells that cause cancer in the breast, brain, prostate and other parts of the body. There currently working on new and improve delivery methods. A product called Can Chew a CBD-enriched gum. Studies also show that CBD is a powerful pain reliever, but without the euphoric effects found in THC. Marijuana to me is going to be a universal drug for a wide array of illnesses everything from aids, cancer, depression, anxiety and MS.

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Medical Marijuana Is The Future Of Medicine


Marijuana helps MS patients dealing with spasms numbness, fatigue and mobility problem and loss of balance or vision. Many patient take extensive amounts of Medical Marijuana to cope with the pain and agony associated with MS. Marijuana helps to maintain the right chemical balance the body needs.

A Documented study was a 46-year-old woman name Michelle X, and her journey with MS. Michelle was first diagnosed at age 21. Michelle lived a very active lifestyle before her diagnoses. She did everything from horseback riding to riding motorbikes. MS made these activities 10 times more dangerous, because Michelle body could lock up and spasm. Michelle started to get active in her search for self-preservation. She participated in different studies and experiments trying to stop her pain.

 That’s when Michelle was introduced to Medical Marijuana as a means of treatment. So Michelle bravely stopped taking all her steroid medication, and decided to go full force using cannabis. Michelle started trying cannabis in the morning, when her pain was at its peak. She was shocked that the Medical Marijuana worked so well. Michelle reported to have no spasms or shakes and her body did not seize up. She also said that her body felt more relax. Without this plant Michelle would have not been able to live a normal pain-free life. Montel Williams has been an advocate for the benefits of marijuana while dealing with MS. Montel says marijuana helps him physically and spiritually.


Spiritual Benefits Of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

 There are many Spiritual Benefits Of Marijuana. In Jamaica they believe you should only smoke during spiritual devotion or practice. Many people around the world believe marijuana opens you up to the wonders of the world. Marijuana helps you to look pass what your eyes can see. So that you’re able to see the connection that everything and everyone has. Many people have reported having spiritual awakenings while high. After an experience like that you are forever changed. You no longer see the world the same but you realize everything and everyone are one in the same.

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Why Is marijuana illegal?

Medical Marijuana

Why does the government fight so hard to keep marijuana illegal? It has more to do with control than you think. It’s harder to control a group of people who are truly awaken. Once you fully awake you will start to question everything and everyone. That’s one problem, we can’t have you asking to many questions. We all have been programmed to go to school find jobs and just WORK WORK WORK. Its been set up this way for a reason to keep you occupied, your job and or career will never actually matter on a universal level. It’s hard to convince awake people to go to work and just pay bills for the rest of their lives. You may be asking how or what is being awake. Awaking is a knowing and or understand something you really can’t explain you just know.

 How to start to awake. First you have to identify everything that is stopping your awakening, from the music you listen to the tv shows you watch to your perception of your reality and the people you associate with all play a factor Awake people don’t care about material possessions or even worldly goals. However they usually obtain everything they every dreamed of, but always keeping it in proper prospective. Marijuana being illegal was never about money, but the control of the people. Marijuana helps you to center yourself and align with the universe. Giving you access to deeper knowledge. Marijuana stimulates your Pinal Gland found in your brain. This gland has many different name, including being called the 3rd eye. The 3rd eye represent everything and everyone being connected on a greater scale. It also represent knowledge and a deeper understanding of life.

The problem with this as a whole is once a person fully understands their 3rd eye with relation to the world. They are forever changed, and now harder to control and manipulate. Bob Marley said during an interview. He asked government officials why is herb illegal. They responded to him it make you rebel. Bob responded rebel against what. That’s the true question. Enlighten people don’t buy 20,000 jewelry or million dollar homes. Or look up to superficial characters on a stage. They see the world for what it is. It’s hard to manipulate someone you can no longer lie two. That’s the main problem. If too many people become enlighten it would start to unravel the fabrics of society. You would start to see how everything is planned out on a grander scale. You would see how both sides always work together for common goals and agendas. If to many people question too many things, this would be a problem. So for spiritual use I believe there is a lot to be learned from this plant. Marijuana will continue her role in society rather its spiritual use or helping stimulate our economy.

Our economy desperately needs a new source of income. Rather you agree with Marijuana use or not we can both agree we are on a slippery slope as a nation. With dwindling resources and funds. Marijuana brings a new source of funding to the table. This money could be used to serve our neighborhood and communities. Medical Marijuana is projected to make over a billion dollars in Colorado and Washington alone, over the next 5 years. I don’t think we can afford not to take a look at Marijuana for its potential to help our economy. Tax payers in America currently pay over 14 billion in annual taxes, which helps pay for drug enforcement. It’s safe to say that the money gained from the sales combined with money saved from drug enforcement, Could have the potential to revitalize our economy. Marijuana Projected Profits

So in conclusion marijuana has the ability to help us spiritually, physically & economically. I can’t think of any other natural resource that helps, in so many areas. It’s safe to say marijuana has a lot of potential. So will marijuana become more accepted in today’s society? Or will the benefits as a whole be lost in time again. Over the next couple years we will see. 

The History Of Marijuana

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