Mexican drug cartel

Mexican drug cartelMexican drug cartel

Mexican drug cartel

Many cartels are seeing the affect that medical and recreational marijuana in America is having on their business. The war on controlling and capitalizing on certain areas is rising. Trying to push a product that has a dwindling demand is causing blood shed.

In Ontario a dozen people involved in a drug ring were arrested. With 49 drug-related charges. Police have seized around 34 pounds of drugs from this bust. Police says many of these arrest were Mexican Mennonite Communities living Ontario.

This seize found over 26.5 pounds of cocaine with a street value of 1.2 million, 7.7 pounds of methamphetamine worth $280,000 also 130,000 in cash was recovered with four vehicles. Drugs were found in various component in the car from hallowed out doors and batteries. The suspects range in age from 33 to 64.

Bud-Tender Certification

With all the fighting over money and drugs in Mexico. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was quoted on Sunday saying he may be open to following America drug laws. Government pressure has grown to control the drug cartel. With Washington and Colorado legalizing medical or recreational use. The drug cartel is now losing money. Making Mexican cartel more dangerous trying to make or recover their money.

Marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth has all been a major income for drug cartel. These cartels are responsible for thousands of killings in Mexico in the last few decades.

War on drugs

Mexican leader say once California allows recreational use maintaining a ban in Mexico won’t be sustainable. When pot was illegal across the entire USA the Mexican cartel were very profitable. These cartel would bring in millions of dollars a year.

Pot Legal in America

Now that pot is legal in some places in American this has brought prices down for weed. The prices used to be $100 a kilo of marijuana now the prices are $25 a kilo. Leaving less room for profit and more killing. Something has to be done on both sides to stop the killing. The DEA now spends 2.3 billion dollars on enforcing marijuana drug laws. With many states seeing the positive benefits of marijuana to their local economy legalizing is inevitable. In return the DEA needs to  take the 2.3 billion and allocate it to better serve our communities.

In Mexico I believe reform and change is needed yes Americans like to smoke and get high. Not at the cost of a Mexican cartel taking lives for us to get it. We would rather have our own marijuana that we knew that no one was harmed or murdered in that making of said product.

Mexican drug cartel