Drug Trafficking

marijuana arrest

Drug Trafficking

Miami-Dade Police Officer Sentenced for Marijuana Trafficking

The legal and illegal marijuana business, has become big money in America. For every legal dollar made. There are countless cases were illegal marijuana is still in high demand. Making Drug Trafficking a profitable business. Which is Increasing the number of marijuana arrest.

Roderick Silva 46 former Miami-Dade Police detective could not turn away from the lure of fast money.

Under a plea agreement, Roderick admitted to tipping off local gang members, about impending police raids. Roderick also showed them how to protect their grow houses in exchange for cash.

Authorities started to arrest the gang members starting in 2012. The ringleader Derrick Santiesteban was sentenced to life behind bars. For a nonviolent crime the sentencing should not be so severe. Most of the member received lengthy prison sentences.

Police Officer Arrested

Officer Roderick Silva was sentenced to 3 years in prison, for helping Santiesteban gang

Why do we still lock people up for selling plants, at the end of the day its just a plant. There should have never been any jail time associated with selling or possession of marijuana.

Marijuana Arrest

Drug Trafficking

drug trafficking

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