Marijuana Arrest


Marijuana Arrest

Multimillion Dollar Medical Grower Sent To Prison

With the legalization of weed, Many people are trying to profit by opening medical marijuana dispensaries. Some are following the rules and guidelines and some are just in it for profit. Increasing the number of marijuana arrest for breaking laws and guidelines.

Betty Lee Jenkins Michigan resident, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. After committing fraud to sell medical marijuana. Betty used loop holes in the medical marijuana shipping rules to ship product out of state which is illegal. Betty was charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana and maintaining a drug- involved household.

Medical Marijuana Cards

Official paper work also states that Betty grew more than 100 plant at 10 locations. Betty also employed a doctor to qualify patients to receive a medical marijuana card, often without an examination.

Betty claims she followed all Michigan marijuana laws and guidelines but the judge in charge did not see it that way.

In all police seized 467 marijuana plants and 18 pounds of processed marijuana. The government says Betty operations brought in 1,293,600.

Betty received a ten year sentence, for a million dollar business I don’t think that’s a bad deal, especially if she has money put away for when she is released. The moral of the stories is, I guess don’t get caught and make sure your following all rules and guidelines

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marijuana arrest

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