Nancy Grace Interview 2 Chains

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Nancy Grace Interview 2 Chains

Nancy Grace Interview with 2 Chains on marijuana legalization. I think Nancy Grace have no familiarity to marijuana or the effects of it. The whole show was about her saying how marijuana was just as bad as other drug such LSD and Crack. Clearly you’re not coming from a place of experience.

 She also talked about how many young people have been arrested for letting there kids smoke weed on camera and pictures. There was this one couple who had recorded there 2-year-old son smoking on film. I guess they forgot it was there, They ended up pawning the camera. The camera was turned over to the police. There are many cases where parents have given there kids marijuana and have been locked up. This is not a direct effect from marijuana use, It’s just bad parenting all together.

2 Chains message was he believe marijuana should be legalized for its medical potential and for our economy. Nancy Grace at one time was fully against legalizing marijuana. Now she seem to be ok with medical use. Her problem is she does not understand recreational use.

A couple of reason 2 chains said he smoked marijuana were for anxiety, nausea, and to stay calm. 2 Chains explained that if he know he have to travel or do a show, He needs to smoke before hand so that he can be relaxed and do what he needs to do. I don’t think there is anything wrong with using marijuana for recreations use. I do think it is something wrong with a system that has so much blind control over a group of people. If I decided to smoke or not smoke, I don’t think that should be the government decisions to make. This is not a dictatorship and if it is lets just call it what it is. So Nancy Grace if you want to see the point for recreational use I got a bag and a blunt.

Nancy Grace Interview 2 Chains

She Tired to throw a little shade on the low, But he handled it good respect