I Need To Smoke

I need to smoke

 I Need A Blunt


After you have been pulled over by the police with drugs in the car. An you get the all clear sign.They didn’t find your drugs. Light up smoke up and calm down your ok



If you find your spouse in bed with another person. Take 5 minutes to smoke and decided if there worth you spending the next 10 years in jail. If their  with another person then probably not.


When your at work and your boss is on your back the whole day. In your head you already curse him out and punch him in the face. Just find a way to sneak off and take a toke. If your at work you can do two thing walk off and smoke away from everyone. Or you could use a vaporizer and no one would smell it.


When your car breaks down on a rainy day on your way to work. That’s a sign call in get your car back home. Then smoke and chill the rest of the day.


When you stopped smoking to find a job and finally pass a drug test landing a job. Now its time to blaze up.

We need to legalize Marijuana I need to smoke

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I need to smokeI need to smoke