Ohio Weed Laws, Marijuana In Ohio

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Will Ohio Legalize Marijuana, Ohio Weed Laws 

Ohio Weed Laws

In Columbus, Ohio residents proposed a measure to legalize medical marijuana and recreational use. This would give residents the ability to freely use cannabis. They will also be able to purchase marijuana related products and foods. This initiative states that residents must be at least 21 or older to purchase marijuana.

What make this measure different from there first attempt is. The first ballot would have given authorization for 10 locations to grow marijuana. This new measure is gunning for full legalization for all Ohio residents.

Ohio plans to put this initiative on there 2016 fall ballot. Ohio will approach marijuana the same as alcohol, By adhering to strict regulations and standards. Marijuana would be tax just like any other product on today market. 

This measure is not just about making marijuana available for residents. It’s about stopping and redefining an outdated system. Currently 1,000s of people are locked up everyday with marijuana related charges. With legalization this would stop so many young people from being arrested. Marijuana taxes would also bring a new source of money to Ohio struggling economy. So will Ohio legalize marijuana that has yet to be seen, But I think each state will soon realize it will cost them more by not legalizing. After you factor in how much each state spends on enforcing marijuana laws, court cost and drug rehabilitation. Each state spend millions. This is a situation were there is unnecessary money being spent, with no results in sight. If anything  its making the situation worse. Only time will tell what Ohio and other states choose to do.

Update: Medical Marijuana Is Legal In Ohio. To See Ohio Weed Laws Click Here

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mWill Ohio Legalize Marijuana