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            United We Smoke

We asked Marijuana Supporters from around the world, a few questions about marijuana. Everyone smokes pot for different reasons, some people smoke medicinal marijuana & others are recreational smokers. People talked about marijuana’s effect on the brain and why they continue their marijuana use, despite cannabis being illegal in most places. Do you classify weed as a drug?

The movement of today is apart of the journey for legalizing weed. With each blunt you smoke your protesting against the system. Rather you’re here for a wake and bake or just bored at work. Check it out, Keep Calm and Smoke One…. Cannabis legalization is coming to a town near you 420.

This page is also dedicated to showing you we are more alike than we are different…

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”


All around the world people are lighting up in protest to a unjust system. 

 “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great.  You can be that generation.”
~ Nelson Mandela

“We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

They would rather see us fight and kill Each other, than see us partying and turning up together. With respect for one another we can all chill and turn up together. Do what they say can’t be done unite.

We All Party The Same…

Clubs Around The World Turn Up

Don’t let differences stop you from experiencing life at full capacity, love and respect one another and then we can all Party Together Turn Up 


   Be The Change You Seek

      One Love

marijuana blog
marijuana blog

Marijuana In Kentucky

 1. I first started smoking marijuana when i was 16.   

 2. I live in Louisville KY & smoking marijuana is still illegal. 

 3. One reason marijuana should be legalized is because It’s heals not kills marijuana kills different types of cancers.

4. On average I smoke all day like 6 or more a day

5. The reason I smoke is to keep you guys safe lol. Seriously though I have a really bad temper an I get mad very easily to where I punch something before I know it and when I started smoking I don’t hit sh#t anymore & I don’t get that mad either.


legalize marijuana

Marijuana In Brazil

1. I first started smoking in 2005

2. I live in Brazil and marijuana is illegal here.

3. I think marijuana should be made legal to help promote world peace.

4. I smoke marijuana everyday

5. The reason why I smoke marijuana is that i just like to smoke

 I love O.G Cush 



legalize marijuana
legalize marijuana

Marijuana In New Mexico

  1. I first got introduced to marijuana when i was 13.    

  2. I live in Las Cruces New Mexico and no marijuana is not legalized.      

  3. Marijuana should be legalized to help show people marijuana isn’t that bad.    

  4. I smoke all day every day.

  5. I smoke to help me with my health condition.


marijuana blog
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Marijuana In Tennessee

 1. I was 14 when I first started smoking.

2. I live in Tennessee and it’s not legal my home state Wisconsin. They have legal medical but there is a small charge if your caught with marijuana.

3. Marijuana should be legalized because its way safer than anything else and it cure’s thousands of things.

 4. I usually just smoke when i travel or when i find the time.

 5. The main reasons i smoke is to help my eye sight, my back pain after work and to stay calm. 

 I hope marijuana is legalized in all 50 states.   


stoner blog

Marijuana In Malaysia

 1. I started smoking around age 20.

 2. I live in Malaysia & marijuana is illegal

 3. I think marijuana should be legalized because it’s what our bodies need for it to activate ecs. The  endocannabinoid system is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and the central peripheral nervous system. This system helps with appetite, pain-sensation,mood and memory. Marijuana helps with this process

4. Here you have to hide and smoke, but i smoke every night unless I am out of stock. 

5. I mostly smoke for a good night sleep & I enjoy it.

We want to thank Malaysia for representing for their country. Malaysia drug laws are currently among the most toughest in the world.  Marijuana is illegal. 

If your caught with any amount of marijuana, you could easily be doing five years in prison & receive a 20,000 fine. If your caught growing marijuana that could land you life in prison. There are reports of people receiving the death penalty for marijuana associated crimes

So thank you Malaysia for showing us your perspective on marijuana.

Malaysia youth and elders have decided to let their voices be heard around the world.

With protest and acts of constructive rebellion, Malaysians are currently pushing for legalization of marijuana.    

So good luck to Malaysia with your effort for legalization..


marijuana in malaysia
legalize marijuana

Marijuana In Kentucky

  1. I first started smoking at age 12.

2. I live in Louisville KY. and it’s not legal.

  3.  Marijuana should be legal because it can kill cancer cells, stops seizures and helps many other ailments.

  4. On average i smoke as much as possible.

  5. The reason i smoke is for pain, anxiety, depression and as a sleep aid.


united we smoke

Marijuana In The Dominican 

1. I started smoking around 12.

2. I live in the Dominican, marijuana is currently illegal.

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3. I believe that marijuana is an asset to the world.

4. I smoke marijuana whenever possible.

5. Honestly i just smoke because i enjoy being high.


marijuana in the domician
marijuana blog
legalize marijuana

Marijuana In Michigan

 1. I started smoking marijuana at 28.

 2. I currently live in Michigan and marijuana is legal with a marijuana card.

 3. Marijuana should become legal because It can help people with medical conditions.

 4. On average i usually smoke ever other day.

 5. I smoke medical marijuana to help treat my depression,insomnia & high anxiety.

Michigan protest were effective, now you can buy marijuana and smoke with a marijuana card


united we smoke

Marijuana In Washington D.C

1. I started smoking at 15.

2. I live in Washington D.C. & marijuana is legal but you have to smoke in your house.

3. I think that marijuana should be legalized because to many people are locked

up due to outdated policies and procedure. Also there are to many medical benefits

for marijuana to still be illegal.

4. I usually smoke everyday unless my connect is out or money is low.

5. The main reason i smoke is because it helps me to relax and center myself.

 It’s also helps me to stay stress free.

Washington D.C. protest also worked. The people voices were heard and you can now smoke in your home.

Without fear of incarceration.



marijuana in dc
marijuana in africa

 Marijuana In South Africa

 1. I started smoking when i was 13.

 2. I live in South Africa and ganja is illegal.

 3. Marijuana is harmless and it is healthy & marijuana has multiple purposes.

 4. If I’m not at work i’d smoke the whole day.

 5. When i smoke I’m calm lemme say i stay focus on whatever I do.

South Africans are also protesting for marijuana legalization.There fighting for the ability to freely smoke without danger of incarceration, a familiar story all around the globe.


legalize marijuana


Marijuana In New York

   1. I started smoking at age 8.

  2. I live in New York & marijuana is still illegal but we are on the verge of being legalized, it was stated on the news that New York is gonna be the next state to legalize marijuana.

  3. Marijuana should be legalized throughout the U.S.A. for recreational us because crime rate would  drop and the government would make more money. I don’t see why they’re so against it but it should  be legalized because it also helps with a lot more than people realize.

 4. I usually smoke everyday if i have it.

 5. The main reason i smoke is because when i was a child i was a devil child, then my buddy got me to smoke a blunt and it calmed me right down. I also smoke to help manage my episodic mood disorder, bipolar anxiety, sleep apnea and severe depression and yes it helps with all.


legalize marijuana
legalize marijuana
marijuana blog
og cush

Our Collective Consciousness Creates Our Reality, With Every Positive Thought & Action We Are Changing Our World.

Marijuana Supporter Around The World… 

united we smoke
marijuana in florida

 Marijuana In Florida 


1. I started smoking at age 14 out of personal curiosity.


2. I live in West Palm Beach Florida, but i spent the last 17 years in Hialeah FL marijuana is not legal here.


3. The reason i think marijuana should be legalized is for the tax revenue it would generate, the many health benefits and it makes people happy.


4. I smoke every freakin day somehow throughout the day.


5.I smoke to escape and relax also for depression, but i am actually a really happy person like i enjoy going out and having fun with friends and new people. Its more like relationship depression.

stoner blog
marijuana blog
united we smoke
united we smoke

Marijuana In Ohio 


1. I started smoking at age 14.


2. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and marijuana is illegal here.


3. I think medical cannabis should be legal nationwide to ride the pharmaceutical drugs from the streets, cannabis is much safer.


4. I smoke everyday  5 to 6 times a day.


5. I smoke to help with anxiety, stress and migraines.


Marijuana In South Africa, Kenya


1. I started using cannabis at age 16.


2. I live in Kenya where marijuana is illegal.(something that needs to be changed)


3. Marijuana should be legalized because it aint as dangerous as people claim it to be; it unites people, it calms ones mind & heart… marijuana makes you happy


4. I smoke weed like 4 times a day, actually i don’t like have a fixed timetable, i just smoke whenever i feel like it.


5. I smoke marijuana because it helps me reduce stress, it feels me with much energy, it keeps away boredom and its fun. There are no negative side effects (like one can never have a hangover)





united we smoke

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