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Recreational Marijuana

Oregon residents can now smoke recreational Marijuana

Oregon Governor. Kate Brown signed a law on Tuesday allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in medical marijuana dispensaries.


The problem was Oregon recreational marijuana laws went into effect in July 2015. Oregon residents still couldn’t purchase marijuana for one year. So it was legal to have and smoke but illegal to buy and sale crazy.


Oregon’s new approach will allow adults 21 or older to buy up to one-fourth ounce of marijuana per day. Residents may also purchase seeds and plants. There will also be a 25% state sales tax. This tax system will not begin until Jan 4, 2016. So for the first couple months all recreational marijuana will be tax-free.


So how do you get a marijuana license in Oregon? The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will issue licenses to new recreational marijuana retailers before the end of 2016.


Measure 91 was voted on and approved in Oregon by the people. The law took effect July 1. The state is currently figuring our the logistic of everything.


urrently four states allow recreational marijuana use

Twenty-three states including Oregon have legalized medical marijuana.

Marijuana has to many health and financial benefits for us not to deregulate marijuana.

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Oregon Recreational Marijuana

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