Piece Maker Gear Review

 Piece Maker Gear Review 


We finally got our hands on the new piece maker products.

Piece Maker Gear Review

Have you ever stood up and drop a glass pipe chances are it broke. The Peace Maker Solves that problem and a few more. Check it out

  • These pipes are flexible and durable they will survive any fall.
  • The bowl can  be used as a stash spot with its snap on top.
  • The color selection is pretty cool
  • The mouth piece is  wider than conventional pipes giving you a cleaner pull with a lot of smoke.
  • The Piece Maker can fit in any pocket or purse with ease.
  • The bowl size is pretty good you should be able to fit about a gram in the bowl
  • Some pieces glow in the dark




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Tired of losing your pieces at night. Problem solved this pipe actually glows in the dark making it easier to find and use. For them late night tokes…



The One Hitter

Tired of rolling filters? Use this piece as a filter or as an one hitter. While also protecting your lips, from the heat from the blunt.

  • Small but powerful
  • You can fill the small bowl with marijuana for a fast hit
  • Or just fit a blunt to size and put it in the hole.
  • Easily fits into your pocket or jacket

Note: I actually have all these pieces & their my new go to pieces for a quick hit. 

Update Its been a year since I received these products. The first pipe I gave to a friend she loves it.The second piece I still use but not as much. The one hitter I use almost everyday.

Thank you goes out to the PieceMakerGear.com for making these awesome pieces.

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