Presidential Candidate John Kasich Against Marijuana

Presidential Candidate John Kasich Against Marijuana

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Presidential candidate John Kasich was quoted saying marijuana legalization is a “terrible idea”.

John Kasich home state Michigan has a marijuana proposal on the upcoming fall ballot on November 3 which he is against.

Kasich say’s he does agree that marijuana is safer than harder drugs but he does not want to give young people the idea that’s it’s not a drug. Kasich believe we should all just say no to all drugs.

Did Kasich take into consideration how many people actually use marijuana for  medical benefits. Should we also tell them its a drug and they should stop.

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Kasich was ask how would you respond to marijuana if elected president. Kasich say’s he will discourage states from legalizing marijuana. Kasich says he is not sure if we will try to undo the legalization in certain states. Kasich is on the fence about that one. With over half the country in support of legalization, John Kasich is making his platform against legalization. This might intern cause him the young vote. Young people are tired of politician telling them how they should live there lives. When you’re not contributing to my bills or household. Run your own home Mr. Kasich make drugs illegal in your home in my home legal or not were blazing.

Never Vote for someone who infringes on your civil liberties  

Don’t Vote for anyone who’s against marijuana


Presidential candidate John Kasich Against Marijuana