Principal Caught Smoking Weed, In Students Car

Principal Caught Smoking Weed, In Students Car

Krista Morton, 45 of Wellington was arrested in Palm Springs. Krista is the principal at Mavericks High of Palm Spring. 

Authorities responded to a report of people involved in sexual activity in a car and found Krista. Krista opened the smoke filled car with her shirt partially open exposing her chest.

Krista told police she had just met the 18-year-old student. The student told police Krista was his principal.

Both student and principal were arrested for marijuana possession. Krista was released on a 1,000 bail.

This brings new meaning to extra curricular activity. Did Krista just happen to make a poor decision. Do you think Krista should be fired? What’s worse the fact that she was smoking marijuana with a student, Or that she was involved in a sexual act with a student? One poor choice could have lasting effects on your life.

Note: The video was funny AF, follow his YouTube channel DJ Akademiks