Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Puerto Rico Legalizes Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

Legal Marijuana

Puerto Ricans will now be able to legally use medical marijuana.  Puerto Rico’s Governor signed an executive order that legalize medical marijuana.

Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla just gave Puerto Rico a new source of medical treatment. Citizens in Puerto Rico can now use cannabis for many illness.

Countries in Latin America are seeing the benefits of medical marijuana, despite the USA influence on the world to keep marijuana illegal. Puerto Rico stepped up for their citizens and the medical marijuana community. Puerto Rico is stepping out side the box, giving their people what they want.

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Countries around the world are starting to see the financial and health benefits of marijuana. The war on drugs around the world has failed. The war on drugs was actually a war against the people.  World leaders did not want people to know the full benefits of marijuana. Through strategic marketing campaigns people around the world, once thought of marijuana as being a dangerous drug with no medical benefits. People are starting to wake up and realize that the history of marijuana they was taught is a lie. Marijuana being illegal is more about control and money. Governments all around the world have been over stepping their boundaries for years. The people don’t need the government telling them how to live there lives. Medical marijuana legal in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place that I might visit one day, now that I can smoke a blunt and relax on the beach.

Congrads to all Puerto Ricans Your Voices were heard, your protest worked

Medical Marijuana

Note: To all government officials stop trying to control the people it has never worked. The people will continue to rebel and do their own thing. So just let them light up already. #420 #Puerto Rico #medical marijuana

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