How To Roll A Blunt-Step By Step Guide

Indoor growing is finally easy to do with this guide for how to grow marijuana indoors how fast.How To Roll A Blunt

how to roll a blunt

Rolling A Blunt

Posted Image First you can use either a blunt or top paper your choice blunts burn slower top paper is easier to roll.

How to roll a blunt     Break your cannabis down by hand or with a grinder. If using top paper just lay paper down and pour weed into the middle. If your using a blunt it the same process crack down your blunt and add weed to the middle.

Posted ImagePut the joint in your hand use your thumbs to even out your weed start rolling the blunt with your fingers, Then lick it for a tight seal.

how do you roll blunts


 How to roll a cross joint

For the advanced smoker

First make a blunt the length and thickness of a thick pencil then close it.     How to roll a blunt

How to roll a blunt     Cut two large, round holes in both sides of your first blunt, about 3cm from  the end.

Make your second blunt half the size of your first and thinner      How to roll a blunt

How to roll a blunt     Next cut a large whole in the middle of your second blunt. Join the two roaches by inserting the second tube through the hole you made in the first. Rotate the smaller blunt until holes line up.

Bud-Tender Certification

. .     How to roll a blunt              How to roll a blunt

how to roll a blunt

 For the expert smoker

These are examples of when creativity meets weed the possibilities are endless.

Turn Up

how to roll a blunt

how to roll a joint

how to roll a blunt

how to roll a blunt

how to roll a blunt

rolling a blunt


So when rolling your next blunt, try to think outside the box get creative. If you have any unique blunt pic please post them in the comment section. Be safe fellow stoners and turn up. United We Smoke

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