Should DEA Chief Rosenberg Be Fired?

Should DEA Chief Rosenberg Be Fired?

DEA Acting Administrator Charles Rosenberg

There has been a lot of talk about DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg, after publicly saying medical marijuana was a joke. Many are calling for his job.

Who is Mr. Rosenberg

Lets take a closer look at DEA Chief Mr.Rosenberg. Prior to joining the DEA Rosenberg was a senior counselor to the FBI.  He held many title such as being partner at a D.C law firm. Rosenberg also served as a U.S. attorney for the Eastern district of Virginia, this department handles the most sensitive terrorist  & national security issues. Mr.Rosenberg was in charged of supervising the prosecution of all federal crimes and litigation of all civil matters involving the federal government. Chuck also served as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern district of Texas, one of the largest districts in the nation. Chuck has a very extensive resume also including several senior spots at the department of justice where he focused on counterterrorism, counterintelligence and national security.

Even with Chuck Rosenberg impressive resume. His perspective has not changed. You would think he would be more accepting to new ideas and procedures. When Mr. Rosenberg made the statement Medical Marijuana is a joke. He showed at that moment his level of ignorance on the subject matter. With Mr. Rosenberg holding so many different high profile positions, I wonder how many people have you locked up as the Chief of the DEA, that truly should not have been incarcerated. With your current mind set it makes me question your prior actions and behaviors.

Congressman Earl Blumanauer Calls For DEA Chief To Be Fired


Earl Blumenauer said Wednesday that acting DEA Chief Rosenberg, should be replaced after calling the notion of smoking marijuana for medical purposes a joke.

During Earl Speech he also said that “Rosenberg is clearly not the right fit for the DEA in this administration.

Rosenberg exact words to reporters  were “What a joke is the notion that marijuana is also medicinal-because its not. We can have an intellectually honest debate about whether we should legalize something that is bad and dangerous, but don’t call it medicine, that’s a joke.”

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Congressman Earl Response was “What is a joke is the job Rosenberg is doing as acting DEA administrator, He’s an example of the inept, misinformed zealot who has mismanaged America’s failed policy of marijuana prohibition.” Congressman Earl Also said “Rosenberg’s claim that more research is necessary is true, but it reeks of hypocrisy because the DEA under his leadership has made badly needed cannabis research difficult, often impossible.”

The DEA considers marijuana to be a Schedule 1 substance, classified as the most dangerous drugs with no medical use at all. This scheduling makes it impossible for researcher to conduct studies and test on marijuana. Drugs also considered a schedule 1 drug are ecstasy, LSD and heroin.

This ideology stems from the failed war on drugs in America. This failed program has resulted in the arrest of millions of Americans. I don’t believe anyone should be locked up for doing any drug, as long as they don’t affect anyone else in a negative way. You cant infringe on someone right to live there lives the way they choose. 

Blumenauer remarks comes as a petition calling for president Barack Obama to fire Rosenberg has gathered over 90,000 signatures.

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With our nations growing need for medical use of marijuana, for a variety of illness. Having access to medical cannabis is becoming essential, for maintaining many patients health. With marijuana dispensaries around the country many patients now have access to medical marijuana. Can we tell all these people who need medical cannabis, that taking the cannabis will keep you healthy is just a joke.  

The government role is to enforce what the people want, not to go against the wishes of the people. The Government continues to over step there boundaries as a whole, by infringing on our right to live the lives we choose.

Medical Marijuana Health Benefits

Medical marijuana today is used to treat a variety of illness such as.





-Multiple Scierosis

-Tourette’s and OCD


-IBS and Crohn’s


-Premenstrual Syndrom

And the list is continuing to grow with more research. So how can you say its a joke. The only joke in this equation is Mr.Rosengberg.

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