Should the U.S Postal Service Allow Marijuana Advertising?

Indoor growing is finally easy to do with this guide for how to grow marijuana indoors how fast.Should the U.S Postal Service Allow Marijuana Advertising?

Should the U.S Postal Service Allow Marijuana Advertising?

Currently support for marijuana legalization is on the rise. With around 58% of Americans wanting marijuana reform in one shape or another. The U.S postal service has a different opinion. The postal service is currently a federal institution which goes by federal laws and regulations. So even though places like Oregon & Washington now have recreational marijuana and it’s legal on a state level. Federal laws say you can’t run marijuana ads in publications then use the Postal service to ship it.

The postal service could decide to just look the other way, since marijuana is currently legal in Oregon & Washington on a State level. Then the next question is would the federal government step in against the postal service for allowing marijuana ads. In a way the Postal Service may just be looking out for their best interest. No one knows for certain how the federal government would react, if the postal service allowed marijuana ads to run in publications. So far the federal government has not step in against anyone in the marijuana industry in legal states. Marijuana is still currently a Schedule One drug. Considered to have no medical value what so ever. Other schedule one drugs are heroin and crystal meth.  With the postal service losing money just like so many other industries such as magazines and newspapers. Giving them a new source of income would only be beneficial to their surrounding economies.

Currently the marijuana industry is a tough industry to advertise in. Most advertising platforms still have a zero tolerance policy towards advertising in the marijuana industry. From real world ads to online base advertisement. People in the marijuana industry have to just be creative while trying to get there brands out there. Why shut out a multi-million dollar industry with millions waiting to be spent on advertising alone. In legal states with recreational marijuana use, the postal service should acknowledge the fact that the people voted for recreational marijuana.

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Should marijuana ads be allowed to go through The Postal Service?

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