Why Do I Smoke Weed? Reason Why I Get High

 What Are The Reasons Why You Smoke Weed?

Smoke Weed

High Thoughts Wavy

If your like me then you smoke weed all day. I smoke while I’m smoking lls. Seriously marijuana has open me up to new ideas and projects. Marijuana has help me to meet people, that are truly talented an gifted individuals. Mj has help me to think outside the box. Marijuana has been a asset to me. It has help me get threw different situation. It has also given me the ability to dream. We all know what we are capable of, Mary Jane just reminds us that life is not so serious. Also that you can accomplish all of your dreams an goal. As hard as your searching for your dream. Your dream is also searching for you. That’s why I love to smoke weed. Random high thoughts enjoy your day everyone.

Smoke Weed

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