How to smoke weed anywhere and not get caught

How to smoke weed anywhere and not get caught

Ever wanted to smoke weed at work or school? Now you can do just that and not get caught.

How to hide smoking weed

The best way is to use a vaporizer. The average vaporizer is small enough to put in your pocket. With no odor or flame. You can be standing right beside a police officer and they wouldn’t  know a thing. A vaporizer is also good if your at work or college and need a quick stress reliever. You can get a vaporizer shape like a e cig.  E -cigs are legal to smoke in doors at most places.

 So taking it out and hitting it most people wont think twice about what your doing. There are many ways how to hide smoking weed

Here are a few examples of good vaporizer you can smoke anywhere.

Ways to smoke weed

1. Pulsar Stylus

how to hide smoking weed

Price $69.95

This pen is build with durability in mind giving you the best of the best. Its sleek design gives the appearance of a E-Cig. Giving you the ability to freely smoke any where with out anyone noticing. Great Product

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2. Puff It Herbal Vaporizer

How to smoke weed anywhere and not get caught

Price $ 139.99

Officer I cant breath I need my inhaler. This definitely comes in handy, With its great design your able to pull this out anywhere.  Just load your weed Inhale Good Sh#t Exhale Bull Sh#t

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3. Hippy Trips Pen Vaporizers

How to smoke weed anywhere and not get caught

Price $ 120.00

This is a great product. With its slim design it easily fit in any side pocket or purse. Your able to just pull this out anywhere you choose to. With no smoke or odor no one will no a thing. Except the fact your eyes are red

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Or If You just Want to Hide the Smell You Can Use

Sploofy $26.99



Those are just a few tips, on how to hide marijuana smoke. Light Up & Enjoy

United We Smoke……

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