Smoking Dabs-What Is A Dab?

Smoking Dabs

Smoking Dabs-What Is A Dab

Smoking Dabs-ondering what is a dab? A Dab is a dose of concentrate that has been heated on a hot surface, such as a nail and then inhaled. Now there are many different forms and name for dabs. Such as wax, shatter, bubble and errl. Dabs concentrates can have up to 80% THC levels. Your average dab has between 50%-80% THC levels. Dabs has become more controversial than weed itself because of its intense highs and the dangers associated with making it.  People making dabs at home a lot of things can go wrong including blowing up your house. The process is starting to be called the crack of weed because of the process used to make it. Giving weed a bad rap. Dabs should only be made with the proper equipment to ensure safety.

We were all under the notion that you couldn’t od on weed. Then comes dabs now it’s actually possible to od on dabs because of it fast delivery and high THC count. Overdosing on dabs is not fatal but can cause you to pass out. Withdrawal from dabs is tougher making it harder to stop.

The good thing about dabs if used correctly, is that there are medical benefits. Medical marijuana patients can get a fast does to their system. Patients with chronic pain or extreme nausea say dabbing is the only thing that helps with their pain. One crazy side effect of dabbing is making people want to become activist. Many user now support or are apart of different charities. The reason for this shift in consciousness is not known.

There is currently not a lot of research and information on dabs. Once more research is done we can only then learn dabs true place in the marijuana family. Smoke Responsibly

What Is Keef

smoking dabs

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What is keef? Keef is the powdery substance left at the bottom of your grinder. Many grinder now have separate chambers for catching keef. This chamber is called the keef box. Keef has a higher concentration of cannabinoids than the weed it comes from. The effect of keef very from person to person and depending on the weed it came from. Some claim to have a more intense high. Others claim its a fast high that last for a short period of time. If you decide to try Keef I would recommend starting off just adding a little to your weed. Smoke On Stoners


Smoking Dabs Out A Rig

Dab Smoking With A Vape Pen 

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smoking dabs

smoking dabs

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  1. Yeah, I definitely agree. People getting into dabbing for the first time should be careful or at least have someone else with more experience prep it for them. No need to further incur the wrath of those anti-cannabis legislators. =)

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