Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

smoking marijuana while pregnant

Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant A lot of women wonder if its ok to smoke while pregnant. Some people might think it’s morally wrong, and that there might be negative effects to the unborn child. There are many arguments for both sides.  Do you think its ok to smoke marijuana while pregnant.

Can You Smoke Marijuana While Pregnant

A study was conducted in Jamaican. That monitored pregnant women, that consumed cannabis on a daily basis. Compared to moms their age who did not smoke. This study had surprising results. The babies of smokers did not experience any adverse affects such as low birth weight or other complications. There were no negative effects whatsoever.

Effects Of Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

Researchers did not expect to see that babies of smokers, developed social skills quicker and made eye contact more frequent. They were also easier to engage with. These qualities where increase by moms who smoked heavier. Babies born to heavy smokers tended to also develop a high quality of alertness and faster motor skills.

At age 5 the kids were all tested again. The results were children of smoker, Had no negative effects from marijuana. Actually the children of smoker seem to be better adjusted and more alert. Smoking marijuana while pregnant first trimester. I believe it’s the women choice if she chooses to or not. There are many people who believe, a mother should never consume any drugs while pregnant. Would you smoke marijuana while pregnant?

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