68 Year Old Colorado Resident Evicted For Smoking Weed

smoking weed

See Why a 68 Year Old Colorado Resident Got Evicted For Smoking Weed

Colorado resident Paul Disnard moved to Aspen in 1967. He moved into an assisted living facility because of health issues.

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Paul Disnard consumed medical marijuana to help deal with his arthritis. Facility staff members at Aspen Valley Hospital say Paul put other residents at risk from his marijuana use. A judge ruled to evict Paul from the premises. Even though Paul told the judge he had no where to go.

Paul had been warned on multiple occasions to stop smoking weed. Even though Paul lives in a legal marijuana state. The facility did not want any marijuana use at their faculty.  

The directory of the faculty stated that Paul put other residents at risk that use oxygen tank causing a potential fire hazards. Paul is currently on the street awaiting help from the city.

Do you think Paul should have gotten evicted?

Source: Evicted For Marijuana