Texas Medical Marijuana Bill

Texas Medical Marijuana Bill

Texas Medical Marijuana Bill

Texas medical marijuana bill would give patients access to medical marijuana. With the growing support and the increasing numbers of states with medical marijuana programs. Medical marijuana dispensaries are quickly becoming the new pharmaceutical company. With marijuana growing medical use, we are starting to see the full benefits of marijuana oil for medical use.

Texas House of Representatives voted 96 to 34 to approve cannabidiol oils

Marijuana oil can be used for a wide variety of illness, without the euphoric effect found in marijuana. With so much of the country talking about marijuana reform, Texans are no different. Texans are standing up for what they want from government officials. Medical marijuana has to many benefits for individual states to keep it illegal. The only reason you would keep something beneficial illegal, is for personal gain.

Many industries are afraid of marijuana legalization, everyone from tobacco to pharmaceutical companies are worried about loosing profits. Companies will indeed lose profit if marijuana is fully legalized, in business and life you adapt or die. So to companies that are still pushing to keep marijuana illegal. We are here to say the people no longer need your approval. We will use marijuana for its intended purpose a natural resource.

Marijuana Legalization

Over the next couple months we will start to see more state aim for legalization. Most of which will come from them seeing the medical benefits and money that other states are bringing in.

This bill was created by Sen. kevin Etlife and Rep. Stephanie Klick

Give the people what they want because we are smoking anyway, so you might as well make a profit.

Texas Medical Marijuana Bill


Texas Just Approved Medical Marijuana Oil

Texas Medical Marijuana Bill


Is marijuana legal in your state?