Top 5 Hilarious Anti-Weed Commercials

Top 5 Hilarious Anti-Weed Commercials


We all remember watching anti-marijuana commercials. For me they all missed the mark, they were more funny than informative. What was your favorite anti-weed PSA?


The talking dog is a classic. I always wanted to find her connect. If hitting the blunt makes your dog talk, I am in next rotation.


Sarah looks like she hit a dab & faced 10 blunts. I could hang with Sarah. We all have smoked and ended up stuck for a couple hours. Its called relaxing. Life is not that deep sometimes its beneficial to sit out for a couple of hours.


The system has been lying for years. Trying to indoctrinate us since day one. This psa actually makes you want to find more friends like in the video. A friend with weed is a friend indeed. They were lit in the 70s on the low.


That doobie took him to the next level. I would have made him replace my shirt though, after he recovered of course. I think he might need a band-aid or some water.


I don’t think any doctors are really smoking joints before surgery. If my doctor did smoke I would be cool with that. Maybe I could get a deal on some grade A medical marijuana.

Top 5 Hilarious Anti-Weed Commercials

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