Top Weed Strains

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Top Weed Strains

Today there are various amounts of marijuana strains to choose from. You might find it hard to actually choose just one. What to think about while choosing a strain. What strain goes best with your body chemistry. Which plant will help you settle your mind. Maybe you are trying to become more creative. Lets take a look at what strain fits your needs.


Top Weed Strains

Tahoe OG Cush

This strains is perfect for just relaxing and settling your thoughts down. Tahoe OG is for people who can’t shut off their brains and just sleep. Tahoe OG silence your mind & relaxes your body, helping you to fall asleep faster. After smoking this you will no longer be worried about insomnia.


Top Weed Strains

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC has won many awards over the years at the annual Cannabis Cup Awards. GSC is known for its sweet grape flavor and taste. Girl Scout will help increase your appetite and also will serve as a pain reliever. This is considered one of the strongest strains out. Veterans smokers say they can only smoke one or two blunts of this at a time.


Top Weed Strains


BlueBerry Haze made popular through songs and the internet, Blueberry represents a unique strain not found everywhere. Developed by breeder DJ Short this indica is best for people dealing with anxiety and need to mellow out. If you smoke too much you will find your self drifting off into dream land. If this strain does not taste like your smoking fruits you probably don’t have the best version.


top strains of weed

Golden Goat

The Golden Goat delivers a hard hit, with a fast acting response. Your heart will begin to race as you smoke this. You may even experience a little paranoia while smoking. Most people report to have positive feeling from this strain with few negative thoughts. 


top strains of weed

Alaskan Thunderfuck

The name says it all. This powerful sativa has a lemon taste. That will have your mind wondering about the world and the universe. Great for the creative smoker.


top strains of weed


Amnesia will leave you in a daze wondering what happen to the last couple hours. This high gives you a mellow energy & vibes that hits fast.

Top Weed Strains

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