Toughest Marijuana Laws Worldwide

Toughest Marijuana Laws Worldwide


Toughest Marijuana Laws Worldwide


marijuana laws

Japan looks at marijuana as a deep seated evil. They believe marijuana is as dangerous as crack and heroin. Japan as a whole believe if your caught with weed there should be no sympathy. If your caught with just a gram that could land you five years in jail. If its your first time you might get lucky and just serve a few months. You will most likely receive jail time. If your a foreigners you will be deported and banned from ever returning. This is one place if you smoke weed stay away!!!!!!


weed laws

If your caught smoking weed in the Philippines your first offense can land you 6 months in rehab. If your caught again you will do jail time. Usually any where from 6 to 12 years. This is a example of the punishment does not fit the crime. If your caught growing weed you can receive life in prison or worse the death penalty. This is a place that has obvious outdated laws and practices a place not to visit. Stoners stay away


marijuana laws worldwide

Malaysia is another example of there punishment does not fit the crime. Marijuana possession can land you up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 20,000 dollars. Growing marijuana can get you life in prison and six lashing.


weed laws

If you happen to get caught here with any marijuana. That could land you up to four years in prison. Indonesia has very strict laws you would not want to be caught with any drugs. A famous case was A Australian name Schapelle Corby who got sentenced to 20 years in prison. he was considered lucky because the courts wanted to execute him by firing squad.

So for future reference when you vacation make sure you don’t end up serving serious time in prison. Or just avoid these places all together. I would never visit any of these place I am a smoker. What’s a vacations without a blunt. Now don’t you feel better about our marijuana laws. There still bad but remember it could be a lot worst. Keep smoking fellow stoners and be safe…..

Toughest Marijuana Laws Worldwide




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