Two Men Calls Cops On ThemSelves While High


Two Men Calls Cops On Themselves While High

Time To Put Down The Blunts, good marijuana does sometimes make you a little paranoid but if it makes you call the cops, its time to rethink your life. Two men driving high in Idaho had a reported 20 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of their car. Leland Ayala-Doliente 22 and Holland Sward 23. Called 911 and reported that they were being followed by undercover police officers. 

The two men were coming from Las Vegas to Montana. After the two crossed the Idaho border they both became more and more paranoid, that they were being followed and was going to be arrested. After going back and forth about the worst case scenario and going to jail. The two decided they could no longer take the suspense. They just wanted to end it by turning their selves in to speed up the process. 

So the two men pulled over into a Applebees’s restaurant. Then called 911 and told a dispatcher that they had marijuana in the car and that cops had been following them. The dispatcher was in shock asking “You got caught doing what?’ His response was the police are following us in civilian cars and are not trying to pick us up. We have tried to get out the car and flag them down but its not working. When cops finally showed up, the two men had their hands behind their backs ready to be arrested. Both men were charged with marijuana trafficking. 

Police officers gave a statement saying there were no officers following them that night. I am not sure what kind of weed they were smoking but it was that fire. I am sure if your reading this you have smoked and gotten paranoid at one point or another especially while driving. Good weed can play tricks with your head. I remember smoking a couple blunts then driving home, every car on the road I though was a undercover officers. I knew i was high when I thought I was being pulled over, so I pulled to the side of the road it was a tractor trailer. All i could do was laugh at that point.  I knew i was just paranoid. Certain weed may get you a little on edge. I don’t think you should ever call the police on your self, don’t make there job any easier. Make sure if you do have marijuana in your car, always hide it in a place know one will ever look. You can smell the weed smoke in my car all day, good luck trying to find it though.

Should they have been arrested, or is the embarrassment punishment enough?




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