Venture Capitalist Invest In Marijuana Business

Venture Capitalist Invest In Marijuana Business

Venture Capitalist Invest In Marijuana Business

If you or someone you know are involved in the legal marijuana business, you should know first hand that finding investors are nearly impossible. Owners are unable to obtains loans from banks or even private investors. That’s all about to change with an investment from Founders Fund. Founders Fund invest in early startup with explosive market potential.

Founder Fund invested in early startups such as facebook, Spotify, and Space X. Most investors are afraid to invest in a company that’s not totally legal. The Founders Fund decided to put millions of dollars into marijuana related business.

Currently even banks are apprehensive about even letting marijuana dispensary, put their money in their banks. They consider it to be drug money. Once the standards are set and profits are coming in banks will have to take a closer look or lose profits. To more liberal investors and banks. With recreational marijuana legal in 4 states and medical marijuana legal in 20 states. The growing profits has new investors looking close.

Currently marijuana has become over a 40 billion dollar industry, in just a few short years. Dispensaries will soon take over all marijuana sales and transactions. There trying to sell marijuana at such affordable cost the your average hustler will not be able to compete for profits.

Within thee next couple year Marijuana would have branded herself as the business of the future. So for all marijuana related companies finding  acceptance from mainstream is coming.  Marijuana will soon become a globally traded commodity.

Legalization is coming to a town near you.

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Venture Capitalist Invest In Marijuana BusinessVenture Capitalist Invest In Marijuana Business