Waiting On The Weed Man-Things To Do To Increase Your HIGH

Waiting On The Weed Man-Things To Do To Increase Your HIGH-Weed Blog 


waiting on the weed man

Waiting On The Weed Man, Increase your high with  mangoes, once ingested a mangoes chemical compound, assists the psychoactive substance THC allowing it to travel to the Blood at faster speeds with much more efficiency. The average time it takes for THC to hit the brain is seven seconds. Eating a mangoes an hour before smoking can cut this time in half. Your high usually last twice as long.

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Hot Box Your Shower

Turn on your shower let the water get as hot as possible. After you start to see the stem build up in the bathroom smoke a blunt. The stem opens your pours allowing the THC to move faster throughout your body.

Things To Do To Increase Your HIGH

Hot Box Your Car

Old School Hot Box Get into your car put the windows up and just smoke by being in such a confide space your taking in a lot more smoke.

A vaporizer gives you a higher levels of THC than a blunt or bong

THC Intake Levels



Bongs 85%

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