Dangers of e cigarettes

Dangers of e cigarettes


Warning: E-Cig Explodes In Man Face…

23 James Lauria from Florida had an unexpected complication, when he grabbed his ecig. Like he has done countless times. This time was different James e-cig exploded in his face. Without warning or any notion that something was wrong. The explosion burned his cornea ,face and hand. Fracturing his neck and finger. The impact also blew a hole through the roof of his mouth, Knocking his front teeth into his gums.

James was flown to the university of Alabama Burn Unit, were he spent a week in ICU. More than six weeks after the accidents, James is still unable to eat solid food and is being fitting for a prosthetic to close the hole in his mouth.

According to FEMA there have been more than 25 e-cigarette explosions and fires, since 2009-2014.

The reason I wrote this post is to potentially save someone, from bodily injury from an ecig. I my self have used e-cigs and vaps. I never thought twice about using them, after reading about different cases of e-cigs explosion. I will encourage anyone who decides to use a ecig, buy based on quality. If that means you have to spend a little more than so be it, If you continue to use ecigs and dabs be cautious and if you see any problems with your particular product discontinue use.

With the growing marijuana industry ecigs are becoming a popular method for smoking dabs, oils and wax. With this growing consumer base, current regulation and standards need to be changed to protect the people. Or educate them on the dangers of e cigs. When buying electronic cigarettes do your research. Would you still buy a electronic cigarettes?

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