Weed and Spirituality

Weed and Spirituality

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Weed and Spirituality, marijuana benefits have been known for centuries. Through misinformation and the media the true use has been lost in time. People all around the world use marijuana for religious purposes. Many believe marijuana is not just a  means to getting high, But actually a way of elevating your consciousness. Marijuana helps stimulate your brain cells. Most important marijuana stimulate your pineal gland in your brain. This gland is referred to as many different names including the third eye. The third eye represents the universe and everything and everyone being connected Weed and Spirituality.

Scientists are not sure exactly how this gland works. Through stimulation some claim to have awaken this gland. Many have reported being more spiritually connected to the universe while this gland is activated. This gives them the ability to see the world and the universe through a new perspective. Many have reported these incidents to have profound impacts on their lives. Whether you believe in these practices or not many do.  People are beginning to see the world for the complexity that it has.

Some people believe our brain is a transceiver of information designed to keep the illusion of a static three-dimensional world. When your bran is inhibited by marijuana it then start peeling away the layers of this 3D world. This gives some users a glimpse into other layers. This can also cause an awakening of one’s inner self. Revealing a higher or greater purpose. Once enough layers are pulled back. Such as material possession, egos, and hate. That’s when you unlock greater knowledge. In order to see the universe you have to remove the world. There are many theories on spiritual use, this is just one. Marijuana Spirituality

Many speculate the government does not want marijuana and spirituality fully exploited because The herb makes you question everything and everyone,

Weed Quote

Bob Marley said in an interview the government told him the herb can’t be legal because it makes man rebel. Bob replied rebel against what. That’s the true question

“Marijuana enhances our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from ‘high up’, to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outside the box and to look at life’s patterns from this high perspective is the inspiration behind the slang term “high” itself.”
Sebastian Marincolo

weed and sprtuality

Weed and Spirituality Throughout History

The Scythian

Ancient Greek people also used marijuana for religious experience. Including using marijuana for sacred ceremonies.
They believed that marijuana put them into a trance like state opening them up
to the universe.

Chinese Religion
 Ancient china believed that consuming cannabis. Gave them the ability to speak with spirits and if combined with ginseng gives you the ability to see into the  future.

Cannabis has been used in Hinduism religion for centuries. They used these plants to  enhance their religious experience. Also they had a drink made of the cannabis. It was believed that drinking this drink would clean your soul of all sins. Stopping  your soul from going to hell.

Ancient Germanic Paganism
Germanic Paganism associated cannabis with Norse the love goddess, Freya. They thought that Freya lived in the cannabis plants, So that when they consumed cannabis they were  closer to her spirit.

Rastafarians believe that marijuana is the tree to life. They believe the bible
confirms this in the book of Genesis. Their belief is cannabis helps with all
forms of religious devotion. Rastafarians believe in peace love and happiness. Rasta’s
belief is that cannabis gets you closer to god.  

Marijuana and Spirituality

weed and sprtuality

weed quote

marijuana and spirituality

marijuana and spirituality

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