Weed In Colorado-Projected To Be Worth Over 150 Million

Weed In Colorado

Weed In Colorado

Marijuana raises $150 million in Colorado

Weed In Colorado is becoming the most profitable business in the country. This growing industry has brought in over 150 million in tax revenue for Colorado, according to their official state data. With Colorado marijuana revenue, other states are thinking should marijuana be legalized and taxed. The average marijuana dispensary is very profitable. With the legalization of weed, people are finding ways to profit from this growing industry. Weed In Colorado is bringing in millions in state taxes.

Skyler Mckinly, deputy director of the governor’s office of Marijuana Coordination has said, Other states should not legalize based on just financial gain. Legalizing marijuana should be because you want a safer market place for distribution. Colorado is making so much money from marijuana revenue. That residents may all get a check back from the extra revenue. Colorado state guidelines says that they can only collect a certain amount of taxes before they have to start giving money back to the public. Colorado residents may all split 30 million dollars in excess taxes. If this is not enough reason to take a second look at the legalization of weed, I don’t know what will.

Legalization Of Weed In Colorado

Washington has also profited from marijuana, bringing in an estimated $83 million in taxes.

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With all this potential new income, what will be interesting, is how individual states will allocate their profits. We have seen with liquor and other industry that donate to organizations and public services. A lot the time the money never reaches its intended target. Hopefully the money goes to build our communities and neighborhoods.

Marijuana Colorado

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Marijuana Colorado




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