Where Can I Smoke Weed On Vacation

Asking Yourself Where Can I Smoke Weed On Vacation?

Vacation Spots

Marijuana Lovers Vacation Spots


Jamaica is known around the world for their love of Mary Jane and there Rastafarian religion. You never have to ask where can I smoke weed because its everywhere. Most would not believe this but marijuana is actually illegal in Jamaica. Even though its illegal the marijuana leaf is the unofficial national emblem of Jamaica. Tourist can take part in pot-sampling tours.  Were you get to try the best buds Jamaica has to offer! In Jamaica a gram of weed cost $1.40

Marijuana Lovers

Toronto And Vancouver, Canada

Canadians are able to freely consume cannabis. They must carry a marijuana medical certificate. Even if you don’t have one police will generally look the other way. In both cities you can always find a Amsterdam style café. Even though your not able to buy marijuana off the menu. You can feel free to bring in as much marijuana as you want. These cafes have become a popular hangout for all smokers. Average gram price is $12.70


Nimbin, Australia

Welcome to the Hemp Olympic. Australia host the hemp Olympics once a year. Contest consent of Speed Rolling, Bong Throwing and World Stoned Chess Championship. Legal Marijuana Is Sold For $22.90 A Gram

where can I smoke weed 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is considered the top destination for stoners. With its light and friendly atomosphere people come from all of the world. This is a good melting pot for Smokers. When visiting  Amsterdam cafes your able to purchase a wide variety of weed. Prices start at $7.50 a gram

Where Can I Smoke Weed

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