Whoopi Goldberg Marijuana Products On Sale Now


Whoopi Goldberg Smokes weed

Whoopi Goldberg Marijuana Infused Products Out Now

Whopi Goldberg is a long time supportive for the advancement of medical marijuana.  She has decided to join in on the movement, by backing a new line of medical marijuana products designed for women.

Goldberg who has been a outspoken marijuana user over the years. Whoopi says she has received financial backing from three friends and a couple family members. Goldberg will serve as the chairwoman of the company.

Whopi says she will take this new business venture one step at a time. She doesn’t want to rush anything. Whoopi say she wants people to take her new brand and product serious. The new product line includes a balm, a tinctures, sipping chocolate and a bath soap. All products are infused with marijuana and  the purpose is to reduce cramps and pains associate with a women’s period.

The products will soon be available to all California residents with a medical marijuana card. Currently laws and regulations making marijuana illegal on a federal level. This Is the reason why the products are not going to be available outside of California for now.

The fastest growing industry today, is the marijuana market. Growing at nearly 31% yearly. The marijuana industry has become a 5.7 billion dollar industry and growing. Whoopi believe California is the perfect spot to release her new products. With California bringing in about $2.7 billion in the marijuana market. Whoopi knows her target audience is in her backyard.

Marijuana Infused Products

Whoopi Goldberg Smokes weed

Whoopi Goldberg Marijuana

Whoopi Goldberg Marijuana Products

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Recreational Marijuana

California residents are trying to change the current laws for recreational marijuana. With a ballot set to be voted on this fall. This would open up the legal marijuana market for business owners and consumers. This would push California towards being the largest consumer base within the marijuana industry. Giving people like Whoopi an unlimited supply of clientele.

What other industry in history has grown so fast and created so much employment opportunities. The marijuana industry is literally pulling people up out of debt. The good thing about this industry is its so new. The possibilities are endless. With so many different ways to enter the industry.

Would you join the marijuana industry?

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