Ever Wonder, Why Is Marijuana Illegal

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Wondering Why Is Marijuana Illegal

Why Is Marijuana Illegal

You might be thinking so why is marijuana illegal? If Marijuana was fully exploited for all its natural capabilities. MJ would start taking over a wide range of industries. A few industries affected would be fuel, plastic, construction, fiber and medicine.  These are all billion dollar industries, owned by people who don’t like losing market shares. So how do you make something that’s beneficial illegal? You start by changing the public perception of the situation.

Marijuana Was Once Legal In America, Why Is Weed Illegal Today

Why Is Marijuana Illegal

Many laws and policies supported Marijuana use in America at one time. In the 17th and 18th Centuries it was against the law to refuse to grow hemp. In Virginia refusing to growing hemp could land you in jail, from 1763-1769. Today it’s the other way around. 

Many famous figures in America’s history were familiar with hemp. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Benjamin Franklin was the owner of the first paper mill in America processing hemp. Benjamin was able to see hemp for the benefits it offered. Through out history hemp has been used for many different thing. For 1000s of years 90% of all boats, sails and ropes were made using hemp. Until 1820 80% of all fabric, clothes, linen, textiles, drapes, bed sheets etc. Were all made from hemp.

Hemp dates back to biblical time. The first bibles, maps, charts and flags were all made using hemp. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both made using hemp. The first crops grown in many states were hemp.

In 1916 The Government reported that by 1940 all paper would come from hemp. This move would’ve saved 1,000s of trees. For every 1 acre of hemp equal 4.1 acres of trees. Plans were in works, This never happen though. I guess big business won that round.

Another person that could have started a new industry. Helping to reduce our dependencies on foreign energy was Hennery Ford. Ford built the first car made from hemp. The model-T ran off hemp gasoline. The car impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel. This was in 1941. Here is another example were big business stops a good product. I am sure being over 50 years later, were able to take this same concept and take it to the next level. We have to stop letting the business behind the business determine what we do. Hemp makes it possible to make money while helping our environment.

Marijuana History

Marijuana laws came by the true rulers of our country. Its more about the possible demise of many industries. Our business leaders are not about to let that happen. A meeting took place with all the heavy hitters in America, they all decided hemp would negatively impact their business. So they decided to manipulated the public through ads and media campaigns.

Newspapers around the country all ran stories telling the public the dangers of weed. With films like Reefer Madness in 1939 t& he Devil’s Weed in 1939. All played directly to America’s consciousness and moral value. The American public believed all information given to them as fact. This made making marijuana illegal easier. Having the public on your side is always beneficial when changing laws and policies. In 1937 hemp was made illegal. With this move every year were destroying more of our planet. Due to outdated marijuana laws.

A few men choose to make money rather than save our planet. It’s time we take a stand. If you’re afraid your industry won’t survive legalizing marijuana. Maybe you and your business are both outdated. A true innovator welcome change. We have used 80% of our planets oil and gas reserves. It’s time to take a stand, at this point it’s not just about getting high. This is about saving our planet. In the process putting the people who put these policies in place out of business. In business you adapt or die choose one.

Legalization is coming to a town near you…

Why Is Marijuana Illegal

Why Is Marijuana Illegal

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